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Between 2000 and 2012 Urban Anthropology Inc. conducted a study of ethnicity in Milwaukee County. Over 400 interviews of people in over 60 ethnic groups were conducted. The study resulted in the book, American Ethnicity in the Twenty-first Century: The Milwaukee Study by Dr. Jill Florence Lackey (Lexington books, 2013). This book is currently used in college classrooms. However, the staff at Urban Anthropology Inc. wanted to produce a book designed for a local lay audience, hence the current publication was planned.

Strolling through Milwaukee’s Ethnic History provides an “up close and personal” look at local ethnic life by directing readers to the neighborhoods and venues where the groups left their marks. It brings readers directly into their experiences, whether it involves strolling through the environments they built or participating in contemporary ethnic activities. This book is meant to be used as a resource for field trips and walking tours about Milwaukee ethnicity.

Strolling through Milwaukee History

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Strolling Through Milwaukee's Ethnic History

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